In 2014, couples are looking for intimacy.

Is 2014 the year of his-and-hers sex aids?

Though every sexual relationship is unique, there are some overarching trends that fall in and out of fashion from year to year. Who better to weigh in on what couples are experimenting with in bed than LELO, one of the leading sex toy manufacturers in the country?

At the end of December, LELO announced its predictions for the biggest trends between the sheets in 2014 based on sales from the final quarter of 2013, and their projection may surprise you. After a year of out-there exploration spurred by the runaway success of "Fifty Shades of Gray," it seems that men and women are showing more interest in products that foster mutual pleasure and personal connection.

"We're currently experiencing a shift in couples' attitudes, moving away from the light [bondage] gear that was so popular little over one year ago and towards sex toys that represent a longer-term investment in intimacy," a press release from the company stated.

From a sex toys perspective, couple's massagers have become a hot item. Could this shift mean a boost in natural massage oil and warming lubricant as well? While this prediction has no bearing on what goes on in your bedroom, of course, there is no harm in introducing products that help you and your partner focus on each and every sensation. Time will tell if LELO's assessment holds true for the year to come – and who knows what will happen when the "Fifty Shades" movie comes out – but you can always do a bit of experimenting of your own!

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