A Women’s Health Clinic

We have just LOVED the blossom organics samples for our patients.  The product is excellent and has been very well received by our patients and our staff.  In fact, we now recommend the product as our first choice for our women’s cancer survivors.  These women are all dealing with significant vaginal dryness and of course […]


It felt so natural and had the added benefit of a very pleasurable tingling sensation. It took our intimate time to a whole other level!


I have to say that it was great, not messy like the previous lubricants we have used. It was slippery, but not too slippery….Blossom Organics definitely perked up our sex life.


It has a perfect consistency that feels totally natural, with just a little bit of warmth! It glides on beautifully and it lasts for a long, luxurious massage.


It provides a just-right (but not too hot) tingle that adds a special kick to enhance my orgasm.


This (Natural Moisturizing Lubricant) is a great product. Feels, tastes, smells sensuous and perfect for whatever activities require ‘tender touching’.