Rebound sex is common after a breakup - but who we sleep with varies from person to person.

Who do you sleep with after a breakup?

Being broken up with is something that happens to all of us during our lives. How we choose to comfort ourselves during that time, however, varies wildly. Some seek solace in the bottom of a carton of ice cream, others try and find comfort at the bottom of a bottle of Pinot Grigio, but the most common way people try and get over an ex: Sex. While people have always subscribed to the power of rebound sex, a new study has broken down exactly who we sleep with during times of heartbreak.

The study, from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, asked participants whether or not they have ever had rebound sex, as well as who they had slept with. An overwhelming majority of those who were surveyed – 66 percent – admitted to having rebound sex shortly following a breakup, within a period of three months. A majority of those people, 54 percent, said that the sex they did have was in fact with another ex, but not the person they had just broken up with.

While "ex sex" is definitely the way that most people go, the respondents did have some other answers to the question. While individuals turned to a previous ex for comfort in some cases, 20 percent fell back into bed with the person they had just broken up with. This was by far the smallest group of people, as 26 percent said that their rebound sex happened with a new partner, generally someone they had recently met while out. These people used sex as a way to alleviate the stress and sadness following the breakup.

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