Where is the kinkiest city in the United States?

Where is the kinkiest city in the United States?

When it comes to what we like in bed, everybody has their own preferences. Whether that means you enjoy being tied up, dirty talking with your significant other, or simply being together in bed, there are no shortage of options when it comes to sex. But where are people in the U.S. most comfortable exploring their sexual fantasies? According to a new study from the organization Kink University, the answer might just surprise you.

When evaluating the largest 50 cities across the United States, the group broke down their research into four distinct metrics — the total size of the kink-identified population, the size of the population relative to the total number of people living in that city, the number of resources available for this group and the total number of adult purchases made in the city. When all of these factors were considered, the kinkiest city in the United States was determined as Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon has the highest population of people who identify as having a kink, at 3.99 percent. This city beat out other popular places in the U.S., with San Francisco and New York City coming in just under Portland. The reason for this shift to Portland is due to a number of factors, including housing prices and the burgeoning tech boom. This is driving people away from San Francisco and higher north, where people can live out their kinkiest fantasies.

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