Here are a few ways to improve your sex life.

What advice would you give your younger self?

No matter when you lost your virginity, chances are the experience wasn't quite as memorable as pop culture would lead you to believe. The truth is that we become more sexually adept as we age and gain experiences, no matter when you decide to hop into bed the first time. Everybody goes through moments of awkwardness, especially in bed, which can actually lead to you discovering what you do and do not like. This is an ongoing process, one that goes on for many years. But what if you could offer your younger self a bit of guidance?

Here are a few tips to always keep in mind:

  • Ask for what you want: Don't be afraid to be vocal with your significant other. If there is something you want done, or would just like to try out, speak up. Nobody is a mind reader, so you will need to communicate effectively.
  • Don't point out your flaws: It is all too easy for any of us to focus on our flaws, especially when it comes to our bodies. But voicing your displeasure with your appearance can kill the mood, so it is best to keep those thoughts to yourself.
  • Practice with somebody you trust: You don't have to be in a serious relationship to have sex, but one night stands aren't the best environment for you to discover what you really like. Having a friend with benefits is a great way for you to explore your sexual side without becoming too involved in another person.

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