A new study has found that nearly half of men last only two minutes in bed.

Study: Nearly 50 percent of men last only two minutes in bed

Although it might not be a statistic that many couples want to hear, new research has found that nearly half of all men – an astounding 43 percent – last only about two minutes in bed during sex. This comes from a new book by Dr. Harry Fisch, a board-certified urologist and a leading expert in men's health issues. Dr. Fisch's book, "The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups" is all about the research he has done over the last few years on the sex lives of men and women.

In an excerpt from the book that was recently published online, Fish notes that a majority of his patients are generally more concerned with how frequently they should be having sex, often overlooking the duration of the act itself. He says that how long men last in bed should be of equal concern, writing that, on average, men last just under eight minutes while having sex. However, 43 percent of men are done within two minutes of starting.

According to the New Republic, Fisch's research is nearly identical to that of famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, who found in the mid-20th century that a majority of men ejaculate after only two minutes in bed. Fisch's report was compiled by interviewing 150 heterosexual couples between the ages of 21 and 77, who had been together anywhere from six months to 50 years. They were asked what actual and desired foreplay length was, with the research finding that the men's ideal length was much longer than the women's. 

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