You can feel sexually confident at any age.

New research shows when women feel their sexiest

If movies and TV shows are to be believed, women are at their sexual prime in their 20s and, by some depictions, even their teens. Youth has always been a commodity, and we're told on a daily basis that to be young is to be beautiful. However, if you ask any female when she actually felt her most confident, it's highly unlikely that she'll choose this time frame.

That's exactly what a team of researchers discovered when they conducted a survey on age and sexual confidence.

"A study of 2,000 people found 31 to be the age when most women are experienced enough to be confident in their sexual prowess and comfortable with their body shape," the U.K. Daily Mail reports. "Surprisingly […] women are at the lowest point in their sexual confidence just six years earlier, at 25, due to peer pressure and body shape fears."

Being in a long-term relationship was also linked to a greater sense of sexual confidence, as more women felt comfortable expressing themselves and asking for what they wanted with a sexual partner they loved and trusted. Though every relationship goes through a sexual slump now and then, this finding definitely puts misconceptions about committed couples and stilted sexual intimacy to rest!

Of course, these findings don't mean that age 31 is the peak of your sexual prime! Once you've become cognizant of your sexual allure and prowess, you can reap the rewards of this newfound perspective for decades to come. The combination of experience, confidence and a few great sexual lubricants is enough to make any night in worth remembering, so stock up on your favorite arousal gel, leave your body image issues at the door and enjoy the benefits of sexual maturity!

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