Here are a few ways new parents can keep the romance alive in their relationship.

Keeping the romance alive for new parents

If you and your partner are new parents, it is important for you to keep the romance alive and well in your relationship. Here are a few suggestions from The Huffington Post:
  • Adapt to the changes: After a kid comes along, your relationship with your partner is going to change. You are no longer just husband and wife, you are parents, and that little bundle of joy needs to come first. Do not stress out over small changes that happen to your relationship – those are just signs of your adjusting place in life. Be sure to always remind each other of how much you care about the other, whether it is through a simple kiss in the morning or an offer to change an extra diaper.
  • Make time for you as a couple: A new child is obviously going to demand most of your attention in the beginning. Midnight feedings, constant diaper changes and an unwillingness to stop crying are just of the few common experiences you and your partner are going to face together. While this is going to seem overwhelming, especially for new parents, it is important to remember that you have outside help to take advantage of. If your parents or siblings live nearby, have them babysit for a night or two so you can reconnect as a couple – whether with sex or just a good night's sleep!

New parents are going to have to learn how to balance their lives as a couple with their new lives as mother and father. Make sure that you always show how much you appreciate and love each other in simple ways, like when you finally have a moment to enjoy some time in bed together. For added fun, incorporate a personal lubricant from Blossom Organics!

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