Plan a romantic dinner once a week to keep the romance alive in your live-in relationship.

Keep the romance alive with your mate

While there are many advantages to living with the love of your life, seeing each other every day and every night can lead to complacency if you're not careful. With this in mind, here are some simple ways to keep the romance and mystery alive with your mate: 

  • Choose a code word – Looking to add some PDA to your relationship? Pick a code word and agree that any time you're out in public together and you hear someone say it, you have to touch each other—whether it's a kiss, a squeeze of the hand or something even more daring.
  • Plan a fancy dinner – "Pull out your nicest dishes and light a couple of candles, even if you're just having a mushroom pizza," Gregory Godek, author of "1001 Ways to Be Romantic," tells Cosmopolitan. "It's the mood, not the food, that sets a romantic scene. So stick a bouquet of daisies from the corner store in the center of the table, lower the lights and turn up Enrique Iglesias or Bessie Smith."
  • Wear sexy lounge clothes – When you get comfortable with your partner, it's all too easy to start dressing in your least sexy oversized t-shirts and baggy sweatpants when you're lounging around together watching a movie. However, there are ways to be comfortable without letting yourself go. Trade in that shirt you're swimming in for a fitted tank top sans bra and your guy won't be able to keep his eyes—or hands—off of you!

Following these tips can save your relationship and your sex life from becoming boring, allowing you to feel just as excited by each other as you did when you first started dating. Give them a try, and before you know it, you'll be heading to the bedroom and reaching for that arousal gel

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