Sharing laughter with your partner can work wonders for your sexual health.

How your pelvic floor is already getting a workout

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles via targeted exercises is a great way to make your intimate moments all the more enjoyable. That and introducing a new warming lubricant to the mix, of course. But did you know that you may actually be working out your unmentionables countless times a day without even realizing it? Recently, the sex advice experts at Cosmopolitan covered just a few ways that you can keep your nether regions taut and toned.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center clinical specialist Laura Scheufele told the magazine that the following everyday actions also pack a punch for your pelvic floor:

Exercise – Every time you hit the gym, your biceps and glutes aren’t the only muscles that benefit. Dr. Scheufele noted that “low-impact” workouts including the elliptical can boost blood flow right where you need it. Anything that targets your core, like pilates, will also work wonders in this area – particularly if you throw a few kegels into the mix.

Laughter – If you haven’t experienced the bursts of laughter that leave your abdomen feeling strained, you’re missing out in more ways than one. Having a good, hearty laugh “naturally engages your [pelvic floor] muscles – all the more reason to catch up on funny shows and movies, and hang with friends who crack you up,” the source states. Maybe that’s why so many women love a guy with a good sense of humor?

Sneezing? – Yep, every time you sneeze or cough, your pelvic floor muscles are treated to a bit of toning.

Another recreational activity that keeps these all-important muscles in shape is the deed itself, so don’t miss an opportunity to reach for your favorite arousal gel and let the good times roll. Your pelvic floor – and your partner – will certainly thank you.

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