How to overcome your sex-starved marriage.

How to overcome your sexless marriage

According to experts, one in three marriages in the United States suffer from what is known as the "sexual desire gap," or one of you wants to have sex much more than the other. While not always being in the mood is certainly understandable – many have lives that are under constant pressure or time constraints, mixed with a lack of sleep – having a sex-starved marriage can cause significant damage to your relationship. Even if you are not fully aware of the problem, the harm will still be done.

There are ways to overcome your lack of being in the mood, with entire industries dedicated to helping couples stay hot for each other. Relationship expert and marriage therapist Michele Weiner-Davis believes that there is an easy way to inject some life back into your bedroom activities: Have sex with your significant other, even if you do not always feel like doing it. She believes that some people just need to be physically stimulated before they begin to feel any kind of sexual desire.

Most people tend to think of sex as a sequence of events – feelings of arousal, using those feelings to initiate sex, the act itself and then the end where our bodies go back to their normal states. Weiner-Davis tells couples that are not always physically intimate that by reversing the first two steps, your body's natural desire for contact and pleasure will take over, leading you to your desired happy ending. Healthy relationships are built on emotional and physical bonding, so never sell the act short.

"Sex is a powerful way of connecting and bonding with somebody you love," Weiner-Davis says.

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