One glass of red wine may move things along, but be wary of vaginal dryness.

How that second glass of wine may affect your libido

A glass of red wine can certainly add a romantic touch to a meal – and has even been shown to have aphrodisiac properties. Whether you're actually affected by the alcohol or just caught up in the moment, you may also find yourself being more open and assertive with your partner after a few sultry sips. However, as with most things, moderation is key. If you're planning to enjoy some one-on-one time between the sheets, it may help to limit yourself to one glass or two.

Why? It's an unfortunate fact that alcohol can work wonders for your sex drive one moment and sabotage it the next. Though brimming with resveratrol, an antioxidant that can help boost circulation, red wine (and alcohol in general) is also linked to dreaded vaginal dryness.

"While one glass of wine may decrease your inhibitions and up your sex drive, more than that can dampen your sexual response by decreasing vaginal lubrication and vasocongestion (blood flow and swelling of genital tissue)," notes Health Magazine.

When vaginal dryness rears its ugly head, neither you nor your partner are in for a good time. However, even if you have the best intentions, there may be nights where you imbibe a bit more than you should – and still want to get frisky! In that case, make sure the cabinet is stocked with plenty of water-based lubricants to give Mother Nature a hand!  Stay tuned for more tips to ramp up your sex life in a natural way.

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