There are more pathways to sexual stimulation than you may think.

How many ways can a woman climax?

Believe it or not, even after years of sexual intimacy and experimentation, there may still be new ways for you to feel sensual satisfaction. In fact, many women settle for sub-par sex lives for years, whether out of fear of making their partners feel insecure or simply because they don't know the degree of pleasure they're capable of. Introducing a new vaginal moisturizer or arousal gel can certainly help you explore these sensations, but it also helps to know some basics about female stimulation.

Recently, Women's Health magazine noted that women can actually reach climax in four distinct ways. Not bad, right? 

It should come as no surprise that clitoral orgasm is the heavy-hitter. This part of your anatomy has more nerve endings than any other, but you can reap the benefits of this scintillating spot even more if you direct your partner's attention to other areas of your nether regions first, the source states.

Some women also claim to have success with vaginal orgasm – specifically the oft-discussed "G spot." Targeted penetration is the best way to set off this area, so play around with different positions until you find just the right angle!

The final forms of sexual release are blended orgasms (which combine clitoral and vaginal) and multiple orgasms (meaning one right after the other). These instances are notoriously tricky to come by, but the results certainly pay off! Position and timing are everything, as you and your partner work to combine the best elements of your sexual experience into a truly climactic finale. Plus, keeping a few sex aids nearby certainly won't hurt!

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