Don't be afraid to get frisky at 50.

Discover your sexual identity at 50

While we may not see many hot-and-heavy scenes between Baby Boomers on television or in the movies, that doesn't mean that the 50+ set isn't engaging in their fair share of sexual intimacy. In fact, one eminent "sexpert" recently spoke to The Huffington Post about intercourse after 50, arguing that this is the time when women – and men – can really come into their prime.

"As a young woman, I didn't really know [about pleasure]. I was fed [the line] if you have sex long enough, the female will have an orgasm, and that's not how I had orgasms. It's not how most women had orgasms," said sex specialist Joan Price, who recently published the book "Sex At Our Age."

Price explained that for her, sex has only improved with age, in part because she learned the value of exploration and became more comfortable speaking openly about what she wanted, be it the introduction of new sex aids or positioning.

"The best sex I ever had was with the man I met when I was 57 and he was 64," Price admitted.

No age group has a monopoly on sexual pleasure, so if you have always been curious about a certain technique or warming lubricant, there is no reason to hesitate for another second. You may have spent years convinced that you "weren't the type" to enjoy certain intimate acts, only to find you've been shutting yourself off from a whole new avenue of orgasm. In truth, it is never too late to reevaluate your sexual identity, so leave your inhibitions at the door and start enjoying the best sex of your life.

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