Hypnotic relaxation therapy may act as a female lubricant for some women.

Can hypnosis relaxation therapy help you get a little closer post-menopause?

Many couples experience their dry spells from time to time, whether due to stress at work, a drop in libido or frustrating conditions like vaginal dryness. However, for the millions of women going through menopause, there is another obstacle that even the best natural lubricant can't overcome. If you're experiencing hot flashes on a regular basis, chances are you simply are never in the mood to get close with your partner. 

Recently, though, scientists from Baylor University's Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory in Texas have announced a new holistic approach to regaining control of your sexual health after menopause. According to a press release from the academic institution, researchers have found that hypnotic relaxation therapy may address the drastic fluctuations in body temperature that can keep you from pursuing certain romantic scenarios.

"The decrease in estrogen that accompanies menopause is associated with hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and vaginal dryness, discomfort or pain," a press release states. "Because warmth that comes from closeness can trigger a hot flash, some women grow to fear intimacy." 

Women who took part in the study were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their sex life and how they believed hot flashes were affecting it. They completed this survey before and after undergoing a hypnosis treatment that focused on "relaxation, coolness and mental imagery." Remarkably, within 12 weeks, the ladies who took part in this therapy reported higher levels of sexual pleasure and cited less overall discomfort, leading the researchers to conclude that hypnosis could be a viable way for some women to enjoy a healthy, happy sex life post menopause. 

Looking for a way to reignite the spark in your relationship? Don't be afraid to spice things up with intimate care products, or consult a physician if you have medical concerns.

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