Here are a few ways you can enjoy longer and more fulfilling sex.

3 tips to help you last longer in bed

One of the most frequent problems that a couple will run into is sex that doesn't last as long as it could. This is nobody's fault, really, as men and women are simply built differently and reach the end result at different rates.

It can be intensely frustrating, however, if you and your partner can never seem to sync up in bed, especially if you have been trying to shake things up in order to spend more than just a few minutes together in bed. Lasting longer doesn't have to be stressful, however, and it can actually be fun to find a solution!

What are the kinds of things you can be doing in order to have a longer sex life? Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Focus on the foreplay: If it takes you a while to get going, be sure to extend your foreplay so it lasts as long as you need it to. This will be an enjoyable experience for both of you, and will allow you to stay in tune with your body and really get to know what works for both of you.
  • Start and stop: Should you or your significant other feel like things are getting to the end too quickly, be sure to pause what you are doing and take a break. You don't have to completely stop, but pulling back a little bit will let you regain composure and calm down enough to continue.
  • Try different positions: You never know what positions will be more conducive to stamina, so be sure to mix up your usual routine and try out something you might not have done before.

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