Here are a few common sexual hazards to avoid.

3 sexual hazards to be aware of

Although there are many reasons why we enjoy having sex, the truth is that it can pose a hazard if you and your partner are not careful. Sex is, of course, good for us physically and mentally, but too much of that good thing can turn into a disaster if you are not careful.

Most people don't stop to consider how some instances in bed can actually pose a real danger, as they are not as common as other instances of pain or discomfort that we are familiar with. But that doesn't mean you should be reckless in the bedroom!

Here are a few common sex hazards to be aware of:

  • Sexual headaches: Men and women can both experience headaches before, during and after sex. They are generally not cause for alarm, although you should consult your doctor if they are persistent. They can sometimes be indicative of bigger medical issues, such as low blood pressure.
  • Urinary tract infection: Although UTIs are most common in women, they can affect both sexes. To help keep the bacteria out of your body, make sure that you drink lots of fluids and clean up completely after you and your partner are finished in bed.
  • Vaginal tears: Women who are sexually active will very likely experience a cut or tear at some point in their lives. They are usually not serious, but can make sex uncomfortable or painful until everything is healed. In order to help prevent dryness and tears, try using a natural lubricant or vaginal moisturizer as often as possible.

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