Here are a few reasons why you should use lubricant in bed.

3 reasons to use lube in bed

If you have never used any sexual lubricants in bed before, it's truly something that you should try with your significant other. By using just a little bit, you can really kick things up a notch in the bedroom with intensified pleasure and longer-lasting sex. assembled a small group of doctors to discuss why using natural lubricant is a great way to enjoy better sex, whether you are a man or a woman. Not surprisingly, their answers mostly had to go with the fact that the act simply feels better with a little extra help.

Here are a few benefits of using natural lubricants in the bedroom:

  • Feels better: Let's be honest, the main reason that anybody uses lube during sex is because it makes the act feel a lot better! Stop cheating yourself out of a more pleasurable sex life and try a new lubricant as soon as possible.
  • Medical advantages: The lube can be used for more than just straight pleasure. If you are a woman who suffers from a bit of dryness a vaginal moisturizer can make sure that sex is no longer painful for you! Don't let a small condition like that stop you from enjoying a rich and fulfilling sex life.
  • Stay away from infections: Many couples have tried incorporating different foods into their sex to make everything a little wetter, such as whipped cream or honey. While those items can be fun, they can also cause infections if they get in the wrong spots. An arousal gel will help you steer clear of that.

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