Relighting the spark post-baby may take more than a good female lubricant.

Study shows men and women may experience drop in libido post-baby

It's relatively well-known that some women may not be interested in physical intimacy for quite some time after giving birth. The reasons behind this can vary substantially, from a diminished sex drive to concerns about pain or even physical appearance. BabyCenter notes that many women require female lubricants at this time because the lower levels of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness.

Interestingly, though, a recent study has revealed that women who have given birth aren't the only ones to feel a drop in libido after a little one has arrived. LiveScience reports that their partners may also experience a dip in their desire.

"People typically presume that hormonal changes or [physical changes] explain birth mothers' lack of sexuality, and that co-parents can't wait to be sexual," assistant professor Sari van Anders explained. "Our present research demonstrates that co-parents also experience variations in sexuality that relate to the very real social and relational changes."

Co-partners who were questioned about their lack of sexual desire were reportedly more likely to cite stress, tiredness and other challenges of child-rearing rather than any physical differences in themselves or their significants others.

This discovery makes it clear that finding the right personal lubricant may be just one aspect of relighting the spark after having a baby, and that the needs of both men and women must be considered when it comes time to discuss having sex post-pregnancy. Stay tuned for more information about this delicate time, and how you and your loved one can rediscover your passion after bringing a little one home.

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