Don't be afraid to tell your partner what you want.

Why one man thinks you should speak up in the sack

If you feel a little shy about expressing yourself in the bedroom, you aren't alone. Far too many women (and a fair few men) feel especially sheepish in this area, but now may be the time to finally speak up. No, we don't mean dirty talk – unless that's your thing, of course! Instead, this year, don't be afraid to tell your significant other exactly what you want done to you, or what you want to do to him. 

Recently, writer Ben Kassoy opened up to Glamour Magazine about why men actually want a little bit of guidance.

Female sexuality can be incredibly complex, and if you have a secret combination of moves or sex aids that you know will enhance your pleasure, unfortunately you can't always expect your bedfellow to stumble across it organically. If you have yet to discover your turn-ons yourself, then you have all the more reason to encourage a bit of experimentation with arousal gel, organic lube and other goodies.

Kassoy notes that, for his part, he may not be so great at "asking for directions," but is more than willing to follow them if his partner has a few specific ideas in mind. Plus, when you feel confident enough to ask for what you want, he notes that your partner may enjoy that same freedom from inhibitions. The end result could be the best sex either of you has ever had.

Even partners who have been together for years can be remarkably mum on this subject, particularly if they're afraid of offending the other party or critiquing their moves. Remember, sexual intimacy is all about strengthening your personal connection and having fun too! 

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