Embrace your empty nest!

Why an empty nest may actually be a good thing

Sending your children off to embark on their own adult lives is a challenge for any parent – and any couple. Suddenly, after devoting years to raising your little ones, you and your significant other will have to re-establish your identities outside of parenthood, and that is no easy feat!

"Often, parents have been so focused on their kids that they look at their spouse and think, 'Who is he?'" explained New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine associate professor and relationship specialist Dr. Gail Saltz in an interview with Woman's Day.

Dr. Saltz notes that relationships can experience an incredible amount of strain during this transition, and that divorce rates are abnormally high as a result. However, as sad as you may be to see your children leave your home, this also presents an opportunity to rekindle your connection with your significant other and get to know each other all over again. On an emotional level, this is a good time to seek out similar hobbies, whether you decide to take trips together, learn to sail or participate in some other activity you've always wanted to try. Make time to socialize together with friends and see how you play off of one another in more mature social settings.

Finally, if you've been neglecting the bedroom over the years, there is no time like the present to reconnect with your partner physically. Thanks to vaginal moisturizer and other sex aids, you don't have to let age-related issues get in the way of your libido either. So rather than lamenting the fact that your children have left the nest, why not look for opportunities to take full advantage of the time (and square footage) you and your significant other are free to share together?

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