Dirty talk can be a great way to enhance sexual intimacy.

When it comes to dirty talk, focus on what you feel

Everyone has their quirks in the bedroom, and part of the fun of any romantic entanglement is discovering them. Whether you learn more about your partner's turn-ons or your own, you truly can spend years getting to know every little catalyst for climax. Who knows,  you may even discover that sex aids and other playthings you never dreamed you would use put you on the fast-track to sexual satisfaction!

One stimulating act that many women in particular may be hesitant to explore is the world of dirty talk. What exactly should you say to get your partner – and yourself – in the mood? How can you express your desire without sounding like a sleazy stereotype in an adult movie? And really, why should you even bother?

"Speaking or hearing erotically charged words stimulates dopamine transmission, which plays a huge role in sexual excitement," sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., explained in an interview with Cosmopolitan. "They can enhance the emotional and physical intensity of the experience."

Dirty talk definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea. However, if you're genuinely curious about this aspect of sexual intimacy, but just aren't sure where to start, the magazine suggests sticking to declarative statements about how you feel. Take this as an opportunity to guide your partner's movements. Tell him how much you like it when he kisses or touches a certain area. Not only will this encourage him to keep doing what you like – it will also help you focus even more fully on these sensations!

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