Take control of your sexual experience.

What the new study about sex post-breast implants really says about intimacy

In the last 15 years, public interest in plastic surgery has exploded, with more women opting to surgically alter their bodies and even resort to toxic injectables to beat back signs of aging and address longstanding physical insecurities. And while it is perfectly understandable for anyone to want to look and feel their best, there is something alarming about the increasingly nonchalant attitude the general public has taken to these serious medical procedures.

Recently, too, news has broken that could encourage even more women to flock to cosmetic surgeons. At the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), researchers revealed that women who have breast implants may report greater states of arousal and overall sensation during sex. But, while many plastic surgeons are touting this finding as another benefit of plastic surgery, various experts have weighed in that this boost may have little to do with the implants themselves, and more with self-perception.

Clint Carter, who regularly provides a male perspective on decidedly female issues for Women's Health, commented on this survey. Carter noted that, from his point of view at least, men aren't drawn to real or synthetically altered figures – they are drawn to confidence. Even plastic surgeon Dr. David Reath, who is a prominent member of the ASPS, echoed this sentiment, noting that women who get breast implants may likely experience an increase in satisfaction because they have taken a step that they see as sexually empowering.

So what is the take away for women who would never dream of going under the knife? Simply that it is in your power to enhance your sexual experience by taking action. If you've always wondered about role play, try it! Or, if you have a mind to give sexual aids like warming lubricant a go, do so! Just by taking a more active role in your own pleasure, you may find that greater heights of sensation are well within your grasp.

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