Keeping mum could actually be a boon for sexual intimacy.

What silent sex can say about intimacy

Previously on this blog, we discussed how a bit of dirty talk can ramp up your sex life and help you and your partner get what you want. By eschewing cliché lines like "ooh baby" in favor of articulating your needs and describing your sensation, you can take greater control over your sexual experience and focus on every scintillating feeling – including that great new arousal gel. But dirty talk certainly isn't for everyone, and there are definite benefits to relatively silent sessions too!

In fact, Glamour Magazine shared a few aspects of quiet sex that may actually foster greater sexual intimacy.

"Having sex when you can't make any noises forces you to learn to communicate with each other in different, more intimate ways than you might be used to, using eye contact, your hands, and just remembering how well you know each other," the source notes.

Knowing how to satisfy your partner (and vice versa) without a word can be a true testament to how in tune you are with one another, and that has real benefits that extend outside the bedroom as well. Just make sure you aren't keeping mum because you aren't comfortable expressing your own desires. Many women shy away from articulating their needs and desires for fear of making their partners self-conscious, but breaking down this wall can be an incredibly rewarding and mutually beneficial experience. Plus, plenty of men are drawn to this bold move in bed!

Of course, as comfortable as you may be with your partner, there are plenty of ways to change things up! Try introducing new female lubricants and natural massage oils to combine familiarity with something fresh!

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