Here are a few things the show Scandal can teach us about better sex.

What ‘Scandal’ can teach us about better sex

If you are a fan of ABC's hit drama "Scandal," you're already familiar with its cast of morally ambiguous and interesting characters. But beyond the White House politics and high-stakes situations, there is still plenty of time for the characters to have sex, whether for the pure joy of the act or in order to manipulate somebody into doing what they want. While the relationship between Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn's Fitzgerald Grant might currently be icy, there are plenty of lessons to be learned about great sex from their complicated past.

Here is what Scandal can teach us about improving our sex lives:

  • Be a little bossy: Don't be afraid to ask for what you really want, or to demand certain actions taken. Having control in the bedroom is a wonderful way to make sure you are satisfied, and can make a great source of sexual fun for most couples.
  • Extend your foreplay: Even when you and your partner aren't together, that doesn't mean you should stop thinking about each other. When you have a little time throughout your day, be sure to send your spouse a dirty text or make a quick phone call, just enough to ensure the other is in the mood when you get home.
  • Know what works: If there is a particular move that your significant other does really well, or that you do for them, make sure it is a constant in your bedroom activities. While you don't want to rely on the same moves over and over again, have an idea of what can really get them going.

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