More mature women may be having better sex.

What mature women can teach us all about intimacy

Based on the images we see in magazines and on screen, it seems like sexual intimacy is monopolized by youthful, flawless bodies. In reality, though, more mature couples could well be having much more fun in the sack than their younger counterparts. Why? With age comes wisdom, and a better understanding of what really matters in life – and in bed!

The more experience you gain, the better you come to understand your needs and those of your partner, and the less willing you may be to settle for less. Instead of feeling too shy to ask your partner about sexual lubricants and new positions, you may find yourself emboldened as the years go on. At least that's what author and journalist Iris Krasnow discovered when she began writing a book on sexual intimacy.

Women's Health Magazine recently featured some of the hottest and sagest tidbits Krasnow picked up after dishing with women in their 70's and over. She discovered that many ladies in this age bracket were more eager to let go of Rom-com ideals and simply live in the moment. That means forgetting what you should do and focusing on what you really want!

Understanding that your state of mind can be just as effective as the best natural lubricant is another great insight that can come with age. With that in mind, "finding a partner who stimulates you mentally as much as they do physically" is an important part of maintaining an exciting sex life over time, the source states.

We all have to find our own path when it comes to a satisfying sex life – and don't be afraid to try some new sex aids along the way!

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