Getting sun is just one of the ways that you can improve your sex life.

What can you do to have a better sex life?

Let's be honest — there are always ways every one of us could be improving our sex lives. Even if the sex you are having with your current partner is great, isn't there always a small part of your mind that wonders if there is another level you can take things to? This is especially true as we age, as you don't want to risk falling into the same patterns and routines that will leave you bored and restless when you want to get busy with your partner. Instead, you should be open to trying new things and seeing what does and does not work.

What can you be doing to have a better sex life? Here are some suggestions:

  • Get some sun: The longer you are exposed to the sun, the more Vitamin D your body will absorb. Not only will this be good for your tan, but it will result in higher testosterone levels in your partner, increasing his libido and sex drive. The next time you want to get it on, be sure to tan together first.
  • Kiss: Kissing has been shown to improve the intimacy of a relationship and will correlate to both a more satisfying time in bed and an overall stronger relationship.
  • Wear socks: Although this might not be the sexiest thing in the world, studies have shown that wearing socks in bed can increase your chance of having an orgasm. Cold is a turn-off for both genders, and feeling safe and relaxed can help a person become aroused much faster.

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