What are the songs that people are having sex to?

What are the songs people are having sex to?

Who doesn't like a little music in the bedroom to set the mood? Whether you want to turn on something soothing or find an indie sound that is a little more romantic, the right tunes can really enhance your experience in the bedroom. But what are the most popular songs that people are listening to while having sex?

This was a question that Spotify, the very popular music streaming service, wanted to find the answer to. In order to see what music is most often played in the bedroom, the service combed through the nearly three million playlists that are made specifically for sex. It filtered its search by finding the playlists with the word sex in the title.

On average, it is more likely for men to create a sex playlist than it is for women. Fifty-six percent of those two and half million playlists were created by male Spotify users, while women were only responsible for 44 percent of them. While the millions of sex playlists is a lot, it is nothing compared to the category designated as love, which has 28 million playlists.

According to Spotify, the most popular song for sex is currently Hozier's 2014 song, "From Eden." Coldplay also made the top 10, in a list that was dominated by indie rock bands that many might not associate right away with being the soundtrack for sex.

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