Here are a few ways you and your partner can intensify your foreplay.

Ways to heat up your foreplay

Although the common narrative among couples is that guys are always ready and able to have sex, that does not mean you should rush the beginning just to get to the main event. Those in a relationship should take the initiative to engage in an extended version of their foreplay, as it will heighten the experience for each person involved. With the right arousal gel, every woman can take control in the bedroom and make their sex life explosive.

"When a man is turned on before sex in the right way, it not only feels good, but his body is also more receptive and his orgasm more intense," sex expert Gloria Brame tells Cosmo.

Here are a few moves every couple should incorporate into their foreplay, according to the magazine:

  • Let him look at you: A simple and effective way to heighten you and your partner's arousal is to simply let him take in your naked body. "Men's brain chemistry changes when they're presented with a sexy image," says Brame, "So flaunting your body will make his desire climb."
  • Play rough: Many times when it comes to foreplay, couples will go the slow seduction route. To mix up your routine, don't be afraid to show him your wild side by seizing control with a strong kiss or even tying up his hands.
  • Start and stop: While the two of you are fully engaged in your pre-sex actions, be sure to employ the old trick of stopping just as things are really heating up. By repeatedly using this method, you will ultimately make both of your orgasms stronger.

The next time you are changing up your foreplay routine, be sure to include a natural lubricant from Blossom Organics in your activities!

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