Get that to-do list out of the way for a better sexual experience.

Want to rev things up in the bedroom? Get your to-do list out of the way

Previously on this blog, we discussed how excessive clutter may undo all the work of your favorite personal lubricant if a messy bedroom leaves you in a frazzled state of mind. Now, as decidedly unsexy as it sounds, there is even more evidence to back up the merits of a quick bit of housekeeping before you and your partner get frisky.

Women's Day recently cited taking care of household chores and other pressing tasks as one of the easiest ways to enhance your experience between the sheets. Why? "Research has shown that, unlike men, in order for women to relax into arousal and experience orgasm, the parts of their brain that associate with outside stressors must deactivate during sex," sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, told the news outlet.

This research can apply as much to professional stressors as it does to personal ones, as it is ultimately the sense of having everything under control that can really help you let loose sexually. We'd all love to be able to leave our cares at the door, but if you just know that your mind will wander to that outstanding work email, or that the chicken in the freezer really needs to be defrosted, there is no reason to compromise your sensual pleasure by kicking things off before these issues have been dealt with.

In these cases, you may find that a to-do list that has been nicely ticked off can be just as stimulating as the best arousal gel, so embrace your mildly compulsive tendencies and let the high you get from a job well done enhance the sensations you feel in bed!

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