A recent study found that couples who watched romantic movies and discussed them afterward were more likely to stay together.

Want to improve your relationship? Whip up some popcorn and settle in for a movie night!

We report a lot on this blog about ways couples can improve their intimate lives, or how getting frisky can help strengthen their emotional bond. But we know there's a whole lot more to a strong relationship than a healthy dose of time between the sheets! And one recent study, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, focused on just that.

Teams from the University of California Los Angeles and University of Rochester joined forces to research how various types of couples counseling affected the success rate of a marriage in the first three years. Three groups of therapy were used, as well as a control group, according to Women's Day's coverage of the study: "Conflict management (learning how to deal when things get heated), compassion and acceptance training (practicing acts of kindness and affection) and relationship awareness through film (watching one movie per week and discussing the relationship themes with a set of questions)."

What they found was quite surprising! Couples who engaged in the non-traditional therapy of watching romantic movies together were just as likely to remain in their marriage as those who partook in the other forms of relationship counseling. Just 13.3 percent of couples in this group split during the course of the study, compared to 24.4 percent in the control group, which received no counseling.

A quick caveat, though – each couple was instructed to discuss the movie after the viewing, such as how its characters, plot and theme applied to their own relationship.

For more tips on positive relationships, stay tuned to this blog! And who knows, maybe watching your favorite rom-com will have you reaching for the arousal gel for some fun times in the bedroom, too!

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