For longer sessions in the bedroom, focus on your breathing.

Want longer sessions in the bedroom? Follow these tips

There's no question that most couples want to spend more time in the bedroom – especially when it comes to being intimate. About one-third of American men report having issues with lasting longer in bed, so it's a much more common issue than you might think. Add to this the many challenges that partners face, whether it's raising a family or pursuing high-powered careers, and you've got a recipe for very little time together.

If you and your significant other are struggling to get more out of your intimate sessions, here are some tips and tricks to try:

  • Focus on breathing – Anything that can take your mind off the pleasure you're feeling will help you and your partner last longer. Take deep breaths, and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, and you're on your way!
  • Spice it up – Nothing works better for reinvigorating a couple's sex life than changing things up a bit. Whether it's heading to a new location or position or incorporating some arousal gel or natural lubricant, you can't go wrong with trying something different.
  • Take your time – Another great way to lengthen your stay in the bedroom is to rekindle foreplay. If you and your partner jump the gun and get right down to business, it's more difficult to sustain. Have fun with foreplay and allow yourself to ease into the act.

With these tips, you and your significant other will be ready to enjoy more moments in the bedroom. Stay tuned for more advice on how to enhance your pleasure and keep your intimate life exciting!

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