A new poll from the Today Show asked people over 40 about their sex lives.

Today Show poll questions sex after 50

It is commonly thought that, as we age, we will have sex less and less frequently. While this might be the case for some people – as discussed in a new poll conducted by the Today Show – that does not mean the quality of sex diminishes. In fact, nearly half of all those who were surveyed in the month of July reported being very satisfied with their lives in the bedroom.

The Today Show conducted online interviews with people aged 45-69 during the last week of July 2014. Those who responded, just under 1,500 people, were asked a whole range of questions about their sex lives, including frequency, fulfillment and what obstacles they might be facing with either themselves or their partners. The results featured a range of answers and scenarios.

According to the "This is 50" survey, just over a third of people in their 50s report having sex a few times a month. This is a slight decrease from those just a decade younger who said that they jump into bed at least once a week. While the numbers might decrease a bit when passing from 40 to 50, the sex that is being had is just as good as it was when the respondents were younger.

As a part of the ongoing series related to the survey, the Today Show had on five married couples recently to talk about their sex lives and the results of the survey. While they could confirm that certain physical issues can plague people as they age, overall they find their bedroom activities to be fully satisfying and fun.

"I would have to to say [it's] better," David Ricks, one of the participants, told the Today Show.

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