A hug may not seem that sexy, but studies show it can enhance sexual intimacy.

To get in the mood, hold your partner tight

While elaborate displays of affection are all well and good, sometimes the simplest actions are enough to relight the spark with your long-term partner. If you've felt somewhat distant from your significant other lately due to stress or disparate schedules, the gap you feel may be easier to bridge than you think. In fact, according to one sex specialist, it may come down to a lingering bit of physical contact.

A hug may not necessarily come across as a particularly romantic or sexual act, but embracing your partner for an extended period – even just 30 seconds – can set off a chain reaction that could just pave the way to an impromptu romp in the bedroom.

"Studies have shown that, especially in women, when you hug your partner for 30 seconds or more, it produces oxytocin, which is the hormone that facilitates trust and a sense of sexual connection and desire," sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner told Woman's Day magazine.

Dr. Kerner also noted that many women are attracted to their partner's inherent scent, so you can also benefit from those enticing pheromones when you hold that special someone close!

Reinforcing affection through touch can play an important part in sexual intimacy and overall connection with your partner, so don't miss an opportunity to go beyond a cursory peck or kiss on the cheek – particularly if you and your partner feel a bit like ships in the night at times. Then, when you finally get the chance to snag some meaningful alone time, surprise your beau with an array of scintillating personal lubricants!

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