Here are a few tips for enjoying outdoor summertime sex.

Tips for outdoor summer sex

When it comes to trying new things in your love life, you might not know where to begin. The truth is, expanding your comfort zone can be incredibly easy, from trying a new arousal gel to switching up the venue where you and your partner make love.

If you or your partner want to add something fresh to the repertoire, all you need to do is break free from the bedroom every now and again. Since some couples have likely never tried this before, there are a few guidelines that can be of some help. After all, outdoor summer sex can be great, as long as you're careful!

Here are a few tips for fulfilling sex outside this summer:

  • Plan ahead: Even if you want to be spontaneous with your significant other, that does not mean you should also be unprepared. Having sex outside can be exciting, but you need to be careful that you stick to places where you will not be caught or seen by others. Choosing an ideal time and location can go a long way toward making the experience fantastic!
  • Test the waters: "You might also want to make changes incrementally as opposed to trying to getting too wild right away. For example, a little foreplay on your balcony or in your own backyard at night offers an element of exhibitionism and the thrill of getting caught while providing a safety net, as you can slip back inside at anytime," Dr. Jess O'Reilly told The Toronto Sun.

If you are thinking of trying sex outdoors to enhance your love life, just be sure to take all of the proper precautions. In order to make the experience as wonderful as possible, try a natural lubricant from Blossom Organics!

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