Don't be afraid to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

The truth about faking it

It's only natural to experience ebbs and flows in sexual intimacy, regardless of the physical chemistry you and your partner share. In certain instances, introducing a new warming lubricant may be enough to relight the spark, but sometimes the quest to attain true satisfaction can prove surprisingly complex.

Recently, Cosmopolitan Magazine featured a few common reasons why women may decide to essentially fake an orgasm, including a desire not to turn off our partners by asking for more. But the key driving force behind this widespread habit, the source notes, is that the sexual needs of women are so often overlooked in general.

"While The World tells women they should enjoy sex and have a lot of it, The World doesn't tell women how to enjoy it," the magazine argues. "And until the conversation about sex shifts from what men like to what women like, a lot of women aren't going to know how to ask for – and get – what they want in bed."

Too many women are concerned that it isn't their place to take a leading role in the bedroom or to explore new avenues, often because they also draw satisfaction from bringing their partners to climax. While this consideration is an important part of intimacy, it shouldn't take precedence over your needs.

Determining what you need to achieve sexual satisfaction is a unique process for every woman, and it is never too late to start experimenting with new positions, sex aids and other techniques to better understand what truly brings you pleasure. You never know – through expanding the scope of your usual sexual exploits, you could unearth unexpected passions in both you and your partner.

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