Playing it safe may be the best way to rekindle the romance.

The benefits of playing it safe in bed

As invigorating as it can be to change things up in the bedroom, sometimes playing it safe can be a bigger boon for sexual intimacy. If you've been with your partner for years, trying out a new position or warming lubricant is essential from time to time, but if you're looking to rekindle a bit of romance after a dry spell or a long business trip, keeping things comfortable may serve you best.

"I always tell couples to focus on the sexual novelty during foreplay, not intercourse," explains relationship expert and author Ian Kerner, Ph.D., in an interview with Women's Health. "Frankly, you're much more likely to have an orgasm if you're in a position where you don't have to think about it too much."

Kerner notes that introducing new sex aids or serving up a dish of delicious aphrodisiacs is all well and good to set the mood, but if your primary focus is to reestablish a personal connection with your partner, choosing a position that you both know intimately will allow you to simply focus on being together and feeling good. Plus, chances are you return to this routine again and again because it works! 

Sexual intimacy can take many forms, from a quickie in the middle of a packed weekend schedule to a long and languid night while the kids are at their grandma's. Whatever type of evening (or morning, or afternoon) you have planned, make sure you have plenty of sexual lubricants on hand to make your time together positively scintillating. Why not start with a natural massage oil before making your way to the bedroom?

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