Are emojis the key to having sex more often?

Study: Singles who use emojis have sex more often

If you are single, the key to having sex more often could be right on your phone. According to a new survey released by dating service, single people who use emojis in their text messages have sex more often than those who do not. So the next time you are looking to start up a relationship, don't be afraid to pile on those emojis throughout your conversation!

Each year, surveys non-Match users who are single whose demographics are most representative of the entire United States population. This year, those from Match surveyed nearly 6,000 people about their sex lives and what could be influencing their dating success. What they found was interesting, especially where emojis are concerned.

What the survey discovered was that 54 percent of singles who used emojis throughout 2014 had sex, up significantly from the 31 percent of those not in a relationship who avoid using emojis. These statistics held true no matter the age or gender of the person, as men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s were a part of the survey.

The reason that those who use emojis were so successful in their sex lives, according to the researchers, was that the texts sent with emojis tended to show off someone's personality. Those who used emojis were not just interested in sex, but also wanted to go on more dates and showed a higher interested in settling down and getting married.

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