A new study reveals that couples who sleep close together are more likely to be happy in their relationship.

Study: Happy couples sleep closer together

A recent study reveals that couples who sleep close together at night are more likely to have happy relationships than those who keep a greater distance while they're snoozing.

According to The Daily Telegraph, European researchers recently conducted a survey of 1,000 people as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival to determine sleeping patterns among those who slept with their partners on a regular basis. They found that 42 percent positioned themselves back-to-back, 31 percent faced the same direction and 4 percent faced each other.

However, the most interesting conclusion they reached was that 86 percent of couples who slept less than an inch from one another reported being happy in their relationship, compared to just 66 percent of those who slept further apart. 

The researchers involved with the study noted that changes in sleeping patterns among couples could be indicative of larger problems outside of the bedroom. 

"The key issue is if you have a couple who used to sleep close together but are now drifting further apart in bed, then that could [be] symptomatic of them growing apart when they are awake," said Professor Richard Wiseman, lead author of the study and a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, as reported by the news outlet. "Change in a couple's sleeping habits is the important factor."

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