Everyone goes through a rut, but you can spice things up!

Stuck in a sexual rut? Try these tips

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs when it comes to sexual intimacy, but there are plenty of ways to jumpstart your libido if you're going through a dry spell. From taking a de-stressing bath to soak away your troubles before bed to trying out a few new sexual lubricants, there is no end to the techniques you can try.

But what if your bedroom blues aren't caused by vaginal dryness or an overly taxing schedule? If you and your partner have found yourself in a bit of a rut, it can be difficult for either of you to enjoy yourselves to the full between the sheets. Cosmopolitan has a few recommendations if you're feeling a bit daring:

"Routines can be a sex buzzkill, so think outside the bed. You can't rely on [the same sexual positions] when you're doing it in the car or the bathroom at your b-day party. Send him a dropped pin, and meet for a quickie at that spot. If you usually do it at night, a pre-date romp will make for a very happy meal," the source states.

Change can be an incredibly intoxicating thing, and it may just take a different position, outfit or time of day for you and your significant other to work yourselves out of a rut. In these hectic times, that may mean scheduling an afternoon or morning for just the two of you. If you've always wondered about a certain location or style, why not see your current slump as a chance to try something new? A natural massage oil or warming lubricant can may be just the ticket to ramp up your satisfaction.

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