Here are a few sex tips from men to women.

Sex tips from men to women

When it comes to sex, there can often be a discrepancy between the sexes about what we like and don't like. It is all too easy to keep quiet and not really voice your opinion on what you like, even if you are in bed with somebody that you love and trust. Recently, lifestyle blog The Stir ran a piece that interviewed men in a range of ages on what pieces of advice they would like to offer the ladies in their lives. Some of what they said might take you by surprise!

Here are a few of the suggestions in the article:

  • Be adventurous: Whether this is by trying out a new position, a different location or including an arousal gel in your activities, don't be afraid to mix it up! A routine can become boring and lead to a humdrum sex life.
  • Stay close: When the two of you are out together, in a party, the men all wanted some regular physical or emotional contact. A stroke of the arm or a few flirtatious words can go a long way to getting your guy in the mood and keeping him there until you return home.
  • Tell them what feels good: One of the things the guys seemed most concerned about was making sure that the women they are in bed with is enjoying what is happening. While a constant status report isn't necessary, women should feel free to let the guy know what does and does not feel good, which will only benefit both parties.

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