Recreating an iconic love scene helped one columnist rev up his sex life.

Sex columnist recreates Titanic love scene, with comical (but satisfying) results

The easiest way to feel let down by your sex life is to compare it to anything on the silver screen. Suddenly all of those tender moments of sexual intimacy and caring between you and your partner are overshadowed by grandiose declarations of love and steamy smooches in the rain – why are they always in the rain? As a rule of thumb, it's better to leave your rom-com-inspired fantasies at the door, but one sex columnist from Cosmopolitan recently did just the opposite. The results were certainly sexy, but in a surprising way.

The Cosmo writer recently attempted to recreate the iconic nude portrait scene from "Titanic," in which the stunning Kate Winslet models for Leonardo DiCaprio in nothing but a prized jewel necklace. Though the journalist's partner was not very familiar with the scene or too eager to recreate it, the columnist was insistent on seeing this idea too completion. A few candles, a canvas and some highlighters and the mood was effectively struck!

"The drawing, once started was actually pretty fun and, dare I say it, actually quite sexy," said the writer. "Partly because I was concentrating on [my partner's] body in a way I may not always do when we are engaging in sexual congress, and partly because drawing all of the parts […] I liked so much made me a little hot around the collar."

Here we come to the crux of the matter. As this Cosmo author unintentionally discovered, one of the best ways to rev up your sex life is to reacquaint yourself with each impulse and sensation. Simply going through the motions is a sure-fire way to stifle that spark, so incorporate new activities to draw your attention back to the act. This can mean trying your hand at dirty talk or introducing an arousal gel – whatever you need to re-center yourself.

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