What do you love about your looks?

Is physical insecurity putting a damper on your sex life?

There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life if you and your partner have found yourselves in a bit of rut, from introducing aphrodisiacs to stocking up on natural massage oil and female lubricants. However, if the underlying issue has to do with your libido in general, no amount of sex tips can make up for that lack.

There are plenty of reasons why you may not feel as lustful as you once did. Every relationship experiences its ebbs and flows, and health concerns like vaginal dryness can also throw a wrench in the works. The sex specialists at Health Magazine touched on this subject, citing several widespread issues that can keep you from sexual satisfaction. One all too common issue, unfortunately, is that some women simply don't feel sexy because of physical hang-ups.

If you don't see yourself as desirable – regardless of how your partner feels – it can be incredibly difficult to really let yourself go in the bedroom. There is no quick fix for these issues, but sometimes it really does help to take a moment and single out the features that make you feel most confident.

"Think about what you love about your body—the way it feels, moves, or your favorite body part," the magazine suggests. "A sexy nightgown that fits just right can be a real confidence booster, too, so go ahead and treat yourself."

Chances are, your significant other won't share your concerns over your figure, but enjoying your time between the sheets is as much about your feelings as your partner's, so don't be afraid to explore any avenues that will make you feel your best!

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