Casual encounters may not be as satisfying for some women.

Is casual sex less satisfying for women?

It's incredible how mysterious the female orgasm can seem, even after years of sexual exploits. Some women don't come to learn what really gets them going until fairly late in life, in part because they are initially hesitant to experiment with arousal gels and other intimate products. In addition, a recent study covered by The New York Times indicates that females may find orgasms to be even more elusive during casual encounters.

This news is somewhat surprising since we typically associate flings with an increased degree of physical passion, but it turns out that ladies in long-term relationships might actually enjoy greater satisfaction between the sheets. The study shows that women in committed relationships find it easier to reach orgasm. The reason? There are a few, according to feedback from the 600 females surveyed.

Researchers from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and Binghamton University in New York concluded that women may be generally less likely to communicate their sexual preferences to their partners when sex is casual. A college graduate explained to the Times that for her, casual sex is "sort of like having the experience [of sexual intimacy] and having somebody that you can call" and that it's "weirdly irrelevant whether or not the sex is actually good."

For some of the women surveyed who said they preferred casual sex, the decision boiled down to the quality of the interaction versus the freedom that comes with not being in a relationship.

However you feel about casual sexual encounters, it never hurts to have a few reliable personal lubricants on standby – especially if you aren't sure your pleasure will be a priority. Introducing an arousal gel can help you and your partner focus on mutual sensation in a subtle but effective way.

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