Introduce this tantric technique and make the most of your arousal gel.

Introduce this simple tantric technique for greater connectivity in the bedroom

It's easy to feel a bit intimidated when you hear the term "tantric sex," particularly if you've never explored this avenue before. However, you may just discover that this technique, which focuses on the transcendental experience that can be achieved through sexual intimacy, can bring you and your partner closer than ever.

The core tenet of tantric sex, and the meditative practice of tantra in general, is to isolate the moment and free your mind from all distractions. This allows you to truly revel in every physical sensation, from the feel of your spouse's skin to the warming sensation of your arousal gel. Despite the misconceptions that have spread ever since Sting made his infamous comment about a full day of sexual ecstasy, you can easily employ tantric techniques in your bedroom however inexperienced or adventurous you are.

Women's Health Magazine recently provided a basic overview of some of the key elements of sexual tantra, which essentially focus on physical communion and a sense of presence.

"The next time you're in bed, pay attention to what your partner feels like, tastes like, sounds like, and looks like right that second," the source states."Try not to judge anything you notice or compare it to other experiences you've had – just focus on what you're feeling in the moment."

In addition, the magazine suggests matching your breathing with that of your partner so your bodies and minds really feel in tune with one another.

By aligning yourselves this way and isolating the moment at hand, you'll be in the best position to savor every instance of euphoria, from initial arousal to full climax.

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