It's important for couples to be open with each other about topics like sexual health.

Important sex conversations to have with your partner

In any healthy relationship, it's important to have conversations about your sex life. A recent article published in Woman's Day examines some of the key topics you should make an effort to discuss with your partner: 

  • Preferences – Sex is just like every other part of a relationship, in that it's essential to be open and communicative about your wants and needs. "Our partners aren't mind readers," Carol Queen, PhD, a Staff Sexologist for Good Vibrations, an online sex toy shop, tells the news outlet. Talk to each other about what turns you on and, more importantly, what turns you off. This will ensure that you're on the same page sexually from the start. 
  • Sexual health – "It doesn't matter how many sex partners each of you has had," says Dr. Queen. "HPV and other bugs hitch a ride on human genitals, just as the common cold goes for your nose and throat." While this conversation can be uncomfortable, Dr. Queen recommends approaching it matter-of-factly in the very beginning of the relationship so that you can put it behind you. 
  • Timing – As we've noted previously on this blog, there may be times when you're just not in the mood. This is perfectly normal, but it's important to be straightforward with your partner so that he or she doesn't take it personally. Rather than giving a flat out "no" – which can feel like rejection – suggest that you be intimate with each other another time.

By having these conversations with your partner, you'll be able to develop a stronger bond – not just sexually, but emotionally, too. 

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