Here are a few ways to increase the intimacy in your relationship.

How to increase the intimacy in your relationship

A happy and successful sex life is about more than just how physically compatible you and your partner are. It's also about the emotional bond between the two of you and how well you connect with each other as a couple. If you have felt that your activities between the sheets have been lacking lately, that could be a symptom of you drifting apart from each other. To reignite the fire in the bedroom, you will have to make the effort to increase your intimacy outside of the bed. A happy relationship will lead to a better sex life.

Here are a few ways you can improve that intimacy:

  • Be more spontaneous: Whether you decide to take a short overnight together – or just want to try having sex someplace new in the house – it is important that you be able to surprise each other. Inside and outside of the bedroom, you should be trying new things, even if that means just trying a new restaurant for dinner.
  • Don't let your mind wander: It's crucial that you give your partner the respect and attention that they deserve. Whether you are in bed together or sharing conversation over a glass of wine, you should always be mentally present and actively engage in whatever you are doing.
  • Show your love: You should both be mindful to show each other how much you care for the other. Even if that means taking a walk, buying her some flowers or even just saying 'I love you', these small gestures will make you feel more romantically connected to your partner.

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