Here are a few tips to make your first time as enjoyable as possible.

How to have a fun first time in bed

When it comes to sex, first time can mean a whole lot of different things. Whether it is your first time ever or simply the first time with a new guy, there are certain steps you should follow to make sure that it is as fun and pleasurable as you want. While not every guideline is guaranteed to make the sex mind blowing, chances are things will be improved if you go in knowing what to expect and what needs to be done. A first time doesn't need to be scary, quite the opposite!

Here are a few tips for jumping into bed for the first time:

  • Breathe: Chances are you will be a bit nervous your first time, which is totally understandable. Just be sure to take a moment to step back and actually breathe to calm yourself down and get you ready for the moment.
  • Foreplay is essential: Arousal before you have sex is key, as you want to be physically and emotionally ready to take that step. This is especially important when it is your first time, as you might not completely know what to expect.
  • Speak up: You should communicate to your partner what does and does not feel good in the moment, so he knows where and how to direct his efforts. If you keep quiet, chances are you will be limiting your enjoyment of the experience.

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