Here are a few ways you can bring the passion back into your sex life.

How to bring the passion back into your relationship

Has the frequency of your sex life declined recently? This can happen no matter what stage of the relationship you are in, whether you have been with your spouse for decades or have just gotten together with a new partner. There are often a variety of factors that can directly impact how often you have sex, whether it is due to stress at work or maybe even a physical issue. Last week, Dr. Phil wrote a piece for The Huffington Post that talked about different ways you can bring the passion back to your bedroom.

Here are a few of his thoughts:

  • Get creative: You and your spouse should feel free to truly explore your sex life in ways you never have before. Whether this means trying a new arousal gel or doing it someplace new in the house, don't be afraid to get a little creative and think outside the bedroom.
  • Make it a priority: If you feel that your sex life has been slipping away recently, this can be due to the fact that you are both neglecting it. You and your significant other will need to make the deliberate choice to have sex more often, when your free time allows.
  • Speak up: Often times when people are dissatisfied with their sex life it is because they are not voicing what they actually need. If you have desires that are not being fulfilled, be sure to share this with your partner. They will make the effort to make the sex more exciting.

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