Being true to yourself means recognizing your needs.

How open are you? Brené Brown discusses authenticity, vulnerability and self

Personal connection is a driving force behind all of us, whether it's among friends, coworkers or romantic partners. This connectivity defines us as people, and helps us better understand ourselves and how we relate to the world. In fact, many of the decisions you make regularly – including the female lubricant you purchase – are geared toward this end goal. Ultimately, pleasure, pain, success, practically every experience is tied to how willing you are to express your true self and be vulnerable around those you love.

Dr. Brené Brown, author of "Daring Greatly," has established herself as a champion of personal authenticity and connectivity. Her TED Talks have proved inspirational for countless fans. Recently, Brown spoke with The Huffington Post about self-empowerment and how being true to yourself and open to others takes practice.

"One of the most painfully inauthentic ways we show up in our lives sometimes is saying 'yes' when we mean 'no,' and saying 'no' when we mean 'hell yes.' I'm the oldest of four, a people-pleaser – that's the good girl straitjacket that I wear sometimes. I spent a lot of my life saying yes all the time and then being pissed off and resentful," Brown explained.

She said that, for her, living honestly and genuinely consists of a series of choices each day, from how she will present herself in an interview to simply taking the time to ask her spouse if everything is ok after a hard day. 

A large part of living authentically is being honest about your needs in all aspects of your life and taking the necessary steps to meet them. Whether that's signing up for a new class or even introducing a new sexual lubricant, why not start now?

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